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The Prayer of Penitence for the American People


  • A New Story for Seventy Thousand...
  • Judgment Day, the Earth Hum, and the maps of Edgar Cayce
  • Dialogue with a Guardian Angel
  • Q & A's
  • The Prayer of Penitence for the American People (download free book English version)

 A New Story for Seventy Thousand...

20/21/2016  I had a strange dream. It was somewhere off the East Coast of the United States. In it, Obama was in a submarine, hiding from some terrible and imminent threat. The sub was protected on all sides by a great flotilla of warships. Then came a loud voice, and it said: "This is a new story for seventy thousand. And a new, hyper-luminous star shines forth over the shores.  And that star is Jesus Christ."

The voice was heard by everybody everywhere. Then chaos broke out - and suddenly the whole flotilla went and sailed away, leaving behind a dejected Obama. They all made for the shore, for the spot above which rose up the enormous figure of Christ... With that, the vision ended.

When it was over, I saw myself on some country road - I was back here in Russia now. It was autumn and the road was covered in mud. And Olga, a seer and my assistant, was there. She's worked with me since 2004, helping me heal people. We're standing there, waiting for our bus... but for some reason, when it comes, the bus careens right on by us. It speeds off down the road. Without a word, Olga takes off after it. Who knew she was so fast? I ran after her. Somehow we were running as fast as the bus. Then we were even gaining on it, about to pass it, when we came to a bus stop. A crowd of people stood there already, waiting. It was obvious that they weren't all going to be able to fit in the bus. And how many people were already on the bus? Olga got there a few steps ahead of me. She went and stood right in front of the crowd, between it and the bus. It rode up and stopped so that its door was right in front of us. The last thing I saw was that bus door. That's when I woke up.

If you think about the meaning of the dream, the bus was also surely going to see Christ. Which could be why it was in such a hurry. But autumn's already long since past. It's winter now. January 2, 2017.

20/29/2016  A week later, I find out that they've dug up the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. For the first time in five hundred years... another coincidence?

Why, between December 6 and today (December 22, 2016), have I nearly always dreamed of dead ancestors coming to talk with me, with each dream growing closer, more clearly visible, apparently signaling to me that I would soon be joining them?

Finally, I went on the internet, where I dug up a great deal of interesting information on the subject. I'll try to set forth all these ideas of mine as briefly and concisely as I can.

Judgment Day, the Earth Hum, and the maps of Edgar Cayce

It all began back in the 1970s - back then, too, people began hearing strange sounds in countries all over the world. They called them "earth moans" or the "earth hum." The next surge came in the middle of the 1990s. And then, in 2011, it became a mass phenomenon - the sound was attested to on every continent. Note that the activity and eruptions of Mount Etna (and other volcanoes) have followed the same pattern. Now, it seems, we have a new wave of reports, and scientists are already talking about widespread processes on a planetary scale. In the first few months of 2016 alone the "hum" or "moaning" of the earth was reported all around the globe.    

What's particularly amazing is that in some places the groaning sounds like giant metal plates rubbing against one another, in others it more like the roar of a huge jet engine, and in still others what you hear is reminiscent of the loudly rattling wheels of a passing freight train. But there's no train line that runs anywhere in the area.

This video talks about the phenomenon of earth hum of moaning, something scientists are at a loss to explain. In recent years the phenomenon is growing more widespread.

There's even a world map on line showing all reported cases of earth hum. Move your cursor to any of the icons and you'll get relevant data, the name of the place where the sound was hears, and a link to video material. https://goo.gl/25FOlG

And the most massive manifestations of the earth hum on the map correspond to a map of the future floods around the world as predicted by Edgar Cayce. The greatest concentration of earth hum-moan reports are in North America and Western Europe. Those very places that, in recent years, have seen a groundswell of debauchery, homosexuality and Satanism. It's amazing how much it all looks like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

And indeed, the sacred writings of many religions and faiths tell us that the end of the world will be accompanied by various kinds of loud and unusual noises. The Bible says that after wars, famine, plagues, earthquakes and other cataclysms, the angels will blow seven trumpets to announce the Apocalypse. 

It follows from that account that this hum or moaning of the earth is nothing less than a warning to human beings of the impending cataclysms. To give the faithful a chance to prepare themselves. And these signs are given not an hour or two before the catastrophe, but months or even years in advance - apparently, in order to give people time to prepare themselves.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B6D20gzVVY   In this video, beyond what we've already said here, one healer talks about how earthquakes and volcanoes are the outflow of the pent up negative emotions (sins) of mankind, when all those heavy vibrations move to the center of the Earth, overheating the plasma there, which results in an increase in volcanic activity, earthquakes and the catastrophes connected with them. This leads us to the logical conclusion that the cultivation of good thoughts, forgiveness, positive thinking and mass prayer can be of benefit to the Earth and to mankind. By the way, certain techniques I have developed personally - Solar Meditation, Energopurification, and the Prayer of Forgiveness, along with a host of other prayers in my book entitled A Course in Spiritual Purification - are aimed at this same goal: the purification of mankind and the Earth. There's a whole series of prayers and meditative techniques there to generate powerful currents of positive energy and healing power not only for the individual practicing them, but also for the society around him and the whole planet.

The Prophecies of Edgar Cayce on the Fall of America and Global Cataclysms

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, won great fame by the predictions he made while in a dream state. Cayce periodically manifested stigmata - bleeding wounds which arose spontaneously on his body in the very places where the body of Christ was pierced during his crucifixion. For Christians, stigmata are tantamount to a demonstration of a living person's saintliness.

In his prophecies, Cayce predicted the dates of the beginning and end of the First World War. Then, with the same specificity, he predicted the start and end dates of the Second World War and of America's Great Depression - from 1929 through 1933. He predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union. A relatively large number of his predictions regarding events on a global scale have already come true. Which is why, in the West, his prophecies are regarded as especially reliable.

Cayce predicted a gigantic world cataclysm that would occur after 2010. As far as America in particular was concerned, he predicted major earthquakes for New York, Connecticut and the entire East Coast of the United States, which would ultimately tumble into the sea. The dream I described at the beginning of this article, you'll recall, took place right there - off the East Coast of the US: "And a new, hyper-luminous star now shines forth over the shores.  And that star is Jesus Christ."

Above and beyond all that, Edgar Cayce predicted that the 44th President of the United States would be the last...

We are now in the process of transitioning from the 44th to the 45th President. The inauguration of the 45th President of the United States is set for January 20, 2017. If he spends even a single day in the role of President, it would seem that, technically, Cayce's prediction will not have come true. That makes it very likely that the predicted shocks and cataclysms on the territory of the United States will come right now, in the next few weeks, before January 20, 2017.

Cayce spoke of Russia's special mission more than once - in particular, in his Reminiscences, the prophet says the following, and we quote: " "The mission of the Slavic peoples is to change the nature of human relationships, to free them from selfishness and coarse material passions, restore on a new basis — on love, trust and wisdom. In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom!”

“It will be years before that happens, but that the religious development of Russia and give hope to the world.”

"Before the twentieth century is out, the USSR will witness the collapse of Communism, but Russia, liberated from Communism, awaits not progress, but a profound crisis. After 2010, however, the former USSR will be reborn - but it is reborn in a new form. Russia will head the new civilization, the center of which will be Siberia and Far East”

“Russia brings hope to the rest of the world for a stable and just world. Each man will live for his fellow man! It is in Russia that the principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized. But out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."


Dialogue with a Guardian Angel

On December 6, my ancestors showed me in a dream that my earthly path was soon to reach its end. And this wasn't the only such dream - there had been a series of them over the previous few weeks. In the most recent dream, I plunked onto the floor and fell fast asleep right in the middle of a Church service. Immediately afterwards, I found myself on the threshold of our old family house, long since destroyed, where my late aunt came and took me inside to eat pie, there, in the house of my ancestors... Apparently I've already gone to eat pie with the dead... Earlier, I'd had other dreams of this sort - I would be digging a hole in the ground by that same house, while my relatives stood and watched me. And other things in the same spirit.

Afterwards, I spent several days preparing myself. I bought things for the funeral, wrote my will and readied my loved ones. I even began to give some of my things away. But by and large I wasn't really ready for all this. I wasn't married. I had no children, no heirs. I had an apartment that was more like an office, I had plans I'd only just begun to develop and a pile of unfinished books, articles and other projects. I hadn't founded a school, I had no disciples, no followers to take on the task of continuing my site, completing my books or carrying out my other plans. Death itself isn't all that dreadful a prospect - what's awful is that you have to abandon everything before it's finished, with some projects already in the final stages.

And then, on December 12th, in the middle of the day, I lay down to rest for a moment. I started thinking those sad thoughts. And suddenly - not in a dream anymore, but in the waking world - I heard above me the voice of my guardian angel.

The angel was saying:

"I have important information for you... You have some hard work ahead of you..."

"What should I do?"

"You must compose the Prayer of Penitence for the American People.

"Oh, boy. America's a terrible country, there's no way I could even know all their sins. But even just what I do know... there's so much there it would be impossible to describe it, no books could ever contain all that." 

"There's no need to cover everything. The most fundamental things will do." 

"This is crazy. No one will believe it, least of all in the US itself. It's a country of masons, occultists and Satanists. We've already had an opportunity to observe America's aura - it was as black as hell itself. The people there are arrogant, demonic. I might as well go write words of repentance for the Devil."

"No, it is an enormous country, there are all kinds of people there - good people, too. Our task is to give them a chance at redemption. Everyone must be given that chance. How they receive it is up to them. Even if just one person in a thousand will listen and avails himself of the opportunity, over the whole country that will be three hundred thousand people. And besides themselves and their families, they can pray for the remission of the sins of their ancestors. That's a vast number of people."

"But who am I to write such terrible and grave things? I'm not an American. I have nothing to do with the country. I've never even been there. I've only corresponded with people there."

"You are a healer with years of practice. Through your intercession people have been given a host of prayers for the salvation of souls, prayers God sent to earth through us, the angels. You are the one, you can do all this better than anyone else. And you already have everything you need: experience, knowledge, and spiritual strength.  Besides, we have no other choice. People in the US itself don't even think about such matters. It's easier to see it all from the outside. There's no other real option among Russia's believers, either. Dogmatism, fanaticism and fear of anything new - that's the problem with many of them. How could we get them to write a prayer like this? They'll say it's just another trick of the tempter, that they have to go seek the blessing of the priests, the Patriarch, and so on. But you've written prayers... You took the chance, at your own peril... and see how well it turned out! You have the fire and the daring, in the best possible meaning of the word. And even in Russia, even among the faithful, how many have read the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People?  And you have read and know the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People. And you and Olga the seer have observed the power of purification it has, how curses and demons flee from people and from their families when that prayer of repentance is read. With your experience of this prayer, you can write the prayer required for the American people."

"It's going to be torture... Is there any way I can avoid the hellish task?"

"I'm afraid not... It's the only chance any of us has - yourself included. Christ, on the eve of his arrest, prayed that the cup pass him by. Well, then - this is your cup. Your cross to bear. From the cross, Christ descended into hell and saved the many souls of the fathers, from Adam himself forward. Now it is your turn to drink from the cup, to bear the cross, to descend into hell, and once again the goal is the salvation of souls. Yes, of course, it will be torture, like death itself - to become aware of all the sins of so demonic a country, to filter them through your own being. But there's no other way. In enduring it all, you will be fulfilling the Purpose that was revealed to you in a dream fully twenty-five years ago. I have been with you for fifty years now and in all that time never once have I imposed upon you. I only protected you, succored you, gave you suggestions about how to escape difficult circumstances. All your life you have always been master of your own fate, always chose your own path and planned your own projects. But now you really have no choice. The fact is that you are standing on the brink of the grave. But there is still a chance for salvation, and that is why I am here talking to you now."

"All right. Let's say I write the thing. What do I do with it then? I have little contact with the media here in Russia, let alone in the US. Nobody's going to listen to me. Who knows who writes what - over there, in another country? And here we're talking about an unfriendly America..."

"That's no problem for us any longer. All you have to do is put it on the internet, have it translated, and send it to a few media sources. The rest is not your concern. We will direct the right people to those articles. Those who are morally prepared for the prayer will take it up. Those who have need of it will find it and make use of it. Even in America itself there are many who themselves are deathly tired of all the Satanism imposed upon them by the masons of their elite class. They want to break away from it and save themselves, but they don't know HOW, and so they wait there, stewing in their own juice. At stake is the salvation of many a soul, perhaps millions of lives and souls. The time of God's retribution draws nigh, but the greater the upheavals, the greater the numbers of victims in the US, the greater the upheavals and the numbers of victims will be in Russia and around the world. This is no simple country we're talking about. They have hundreds of military bases spread across the globe, thousands of nuclear bombs, bacteriological, chemical and other weapons of mass destruction. If even a fraction of that arsenal is plunged into the sea or falls into the hands of terrorists when the United States perishes, it will spell the end of the entire planet. Only a sincere Prayer of Penitence, pronounced by the citizens of the US themselves, can significantly soften God's wrath and lessen all those upheavals and decrease the number of victims. You know full well what Edgar Cayce wrote decades ago: "in Russia there comes the hope of the world." And in the US, too, there are people awaiting the signal, waiting for news from Russia, people who will take the message and the prayer to heart, who will use the prayer themselves and pass it on to their friends, their loved ones and fellow believers, who will post it on social networks, and all that will save many a soul... Here we have to remember that Hope is still not quite the same thing as Salvation itself. To be saved, they will have to read that Prayer of Penitence and to change the very Essence of their lives. Only then will Salvation come. Cayce's mission was not for those ominous predictions about America sinking into the ocean and all that to come true; it was to give people time to prepare themselves for those events and make the most propitious possible outcome the one that happens. The Bible also gives us cases where a prophet comes to a city and warns the people that they will be destroyed for their sins. And a miracle happened - the king himself and all the people heard the warning and heeded it, they fasted and fell to their knees to pray... and God, seeing the people's sincere repentance, remitted the destruction of the city. That same miracle is entirely possible today, too - but only penitence can bring it to pass."

"And am I supposed to sign my own name on this message? Or is it to be an anonymous text?"

"What do you have to fear? You see how the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People was issued anonymously. And how that diminishes its standing, its credibility. It's always better when you have an author. Otherwise it's like some kind of orphan, as if no one wanted to take responsibility for it. And you have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of, you are a healer, an author of articles and books, prayers, poems and songs. You've been immersed in this topic for years and years and your name will only enhance the status of the article and even the prayer itself.  People have to know where it came from, how, and by whose hand. We're talking about a prayer, not a children's rhyme. Why do you think your Prayer for Deliverance from All Curses was so successful that you can now find it on hundreds of sites all over the Russian internet? It's not only because the text of the prayer makes such a strong impression and has so powerful an effect. You were right and wise to preface the prayer with the full story of how it arose and your experience using it. Reading that, people better understand the essence of the prayer, its Purpose, and so they place greater trust in the text of the prayer itself. And once they trust it more, they read it with greater sincerity, and that makes the results all the more palpable."

"So then I should publish what we've been saying now, too?"

"Actually, yes, that would be a very good idea. People have to know that writing the prayer wasn't just some idea you came up with on your own, but that it was something you undertook because we, the angels, God's messengers, urged you to do it in the strongest of terms. That is, they need to know that it is God's work you are about. For this is not a personal, individual composition, it is a human collaboration with the angels."

“I have one last question: how do I know that this isn't the Devil trying to tempt me?" 

"The last thing the forces of darkness would ever desire is to call people to repentance. Let alone to repentance on such a massive scale. Repentance, when it is sincere, from the heart, burns down the bridges between human beings and the forces of darkness, and as a result people are brought closer to God. And the forces of darkness lose their power over people. Therefore, your task is to write words of repentance that will not be some monotonous jumble of words people will mumble under their breath , but a text that will ignite a flame within the reader, so that he burns with the light of the prayer, first like a candle, then like a lantern, then like a spotlight, and then like a little sun. Over the years you have already written such moving, inspiring prayers - Energopurification, Solar Meditation, and songs and poems like Burn Tirelessly, My Heart! and Come Out of the Clouds, Bright Sun!, among so many others. You can write this, too! And we will help you do it, as we always have. You know, of course, that those texts could never have been created without the help of us angels?"

"Of course they couldn't have been written without the angels' help... but what about... my death? I feel that it is already very close. My ancestors come to me almost every night now. Recently I've almost felt like a man condemned to death, although I seem to be in perfect health. What if I'm not able to complete the prayer in time?"

"Understand this: there are certain difficult things that can be done in no other way, but only standing on the border of life and death. There is little time for you - or for the Earth, for all of us. You'll have to get it done. We angels, for our part, will do all we can. We'll give you all the time we can. You know it all perfectly well, how many years ago did you write your poem Atlanteans? But time melts and shrinks all too quickly. Limits can be put off to a certain degree, but not forever. Everything must be completed in its own time. If you complete your work in time, God will very likely extend your own time on Earth in light of the souls saved by your work. Then you will have time to do a great deal of all that you have dreamed of but not yet brought to pass. I am only your guardian angel, matters concerning the death and birth of mortals are not mine to decide, but it appears now to me that if you write this prayer in the time allotted and as it should be written, if you infuse it with all your light and heart, then in the process you will die in spirit be reborn, renewed. The whole matter will take but a few days. And as a result you will cross over the line marked by death to live a long and happy life. And many others, following you, using these prayers, will similarly die in spirit - they will die to this world as sinners. In the course of a few days, as they read these prayers of penitence, they will receive a renewed spiritual body and... pass over, in this way, the physical death fated for them... and they will live long and happy lives."

"Very well. I will try to do what you ask. But I'm going to have to gather all my strength..."



Q & A's

Should the text be read in full, including the notes?

When reading the prayer on its own, you may include the notes in your very first reading and skip them thereafter. On the first reading, it's important to read the entire text, together with the notes, so that you really understand what you're reading and what it means. When you read it again, it is fine to skip the notes. When the prayer is read in a group, however, it should always be read in full, including the notes, because there may always be new people who will be hearing the text for the very first time. A single reading is not sufficient - the prayer should be made from three to seven times.

How should the appendices be read? Should they be read out along with the prayer itself, or should they be read afterwards, separately?

The appendices located at the end of the prayer itself are to be read after the prayer in the event a deeper understanding of the issues being raised is desired. It should be said that these are extremely important issues and that, for every point raised in the Prayer of Penitence, a wealth of information can be found in the Internet in various articles, books and documentary films. Still, I have included a good deal of those explanatory materials right here in this brochure, in appendices, because not everyone will have the time to go and search them out on their own. They're also their for still others who may be given a print-out of this brochure by their friends and may have no access to the Internet themselves. To many questions connected the prayer may raise, therefore, you will be able to find answers right here in these appendices. In addition, you will find that they contain links to the basis literature on the topics and to the sources of the quotations in the prayer.

How should this prayer be read: aloud or to oneself?

Ideally, a prayer should always be read aloud. And it is especially important to read a prayer as important as this one out loud.

Should one stand or sit when reading this prayer?

The main text should be read standing. It is proper for Christians to prostrate themselves, touching the forehead to the ground, at the end of each section, and to cross themselves at the words "Forgive us, God of Mercy." If one is sick, it is permissible to read the prayer sitting down and only make the sign of the cross.

Should the prayer be made individually, at home, or in a Church?

Ideally, the prayer should be made in a community of believers, in a church, or throughout the nation.  Better still would be if all the Churches agreed to hold the prayer on the same day, at the same time. That would give the prayer its most powerful effect. For a whole host of reasons, however, including the politicized nature of the clergy and its dependence upon the temporal authorities, it seems highly unlikely that they will make this a reality. It is best, therefore, not to wait for it to happen. Best to say the prayer in private, individually, or in small gatherings of like-minded folk. You can create those groups using social media, the participants agreeing to make the prayer collectively at a specified time.

Have there been prayers like this in other countries?

Four centuries ago, when Russia nearly perished at the hands of its external enemies and internal disarray, a ritual of national Rite of Repentance of the Russian People was held in the Cathedral of the Dormition in the Moscow Kremlin. Two Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Job and St. Hermogenes, ritually remitted the sins of their people, the rite of penitence. That penitence helped to defeat the internecine strife and expel the foreign invaders from Russian lands.

Today, for more than twelve years now (since October 1, 2004), the prayer of national repentance has been held in Russia in the village of Taininskoe, near Moscow, by the monument to the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II. In the prayers of national repentance already conducted, the personal sins of the ancestors of hundreds of thousands of believers have been remitted. People repent over the length and breadth of Holy Russia. 

 More than that - for those who unable to travel to those places, the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People was also held on social networks. That is, people read the prayer on their own, at home, but at a time agreed to in advance, together with countless others. In all these ways, the prayer was made and it is our fervent hope that this will lead to the salvation of the Russian land and its people. The official Russian Orthodox Church, politicized and under the influence of the government, has failed to recognize the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People. Of course, more than anyone these prayers are likely to irritate the oligarchs and upper crust, both in Russia and in the US. That's for any of you who might have harbored hopes for the official Church. You'll probably have to say the prayer on your own or with a small group of fellow-believers. But that's far better than not at all! First and foremost, we have to listen to God and to serve Him, and not all sorts of people masquerading as priests, ignoring Christ's precepts themselves as they turn others away from the true path.

The model for this prayer was the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People, which was reworked to account for the particular historical specifics of the United States.

In the Internet I read a priest whose opinion it was that each of us should pray only for forgiveness of his own individual sins and that one cannot pray for the forgiveness of other people's sins, let alone the sins of the deceased.

That's exactly the opinion held by priest-masqueraders I wrote about earlier.  The sins sowed by our ancestors shall be reaped by their descendants. If we inherit the physical characteristics of our ancestors, their land, their wealth, then how can we fail to inherit their spiritual legacy, and in particular their unrepented sins? For the curses and the sins of our ancestors weigh upon us, too, and they will continue be passed on from generation to generation until we repent and change our ways. And the souls of our ancestors suffer from those sins in Hell, while we here on earth suffer, too - we grow ill, we suffer all kinds of misfortunes... and more often than not we remain ignorant of the connection between all this and the sins of our ancestors. Thus we can and must pray for the forgiveness of their sins, we must pray or atone with our own suffering and sacrifices for all that they could not, all they never had time to acknowledge, to pay for.  If we don't do that now, then in the very near future those sins, which have accumulated over countless generations and have reached a critical mass, will come crashing down upon our heads and annihilate us, both physically and spiritually. We will simply be swept off the face of the planet like trash. There is not a single worthwhile reason not to repent, nothing other than sheer pride, and pride - that is the first of sins, the sin by which Lucifer fell away from God.

And if some priest happens to tell you that people are responsible only for their own sins, let him explain why we pray in Church for the souls of our loved ones, the living and the dead, why we have prayer services perform for them? If the priest were right, wouldn't all those services would be completely meaningless? But we know that those services work, we've seen it and our dearly departed have given us signs in our dreams to tell us how much they help. And you see the same thing in your own families.

You don't need prayers for yourself alone, but for all the souls of your ancestors that may even now be languishing in Hell. That's what they want more than anything now. Hell is not an invention, it is real and it is located at a specific depth under the Earth. There are now in the Internet any number of videos published by people who have seen Hell with their own eyes and who God has subsequently released, returned to the Earth, solely so that they can tell people what they have witnessed.

Is this a purely Christian prayer? Can Muslims use this prayer? Jews?

This prayer has been adapted for use by the multiconfessional American people. This prayer is an appeal to our Creator - there is only one Creator, whoever we may be. So anyone can read this prayer, be they Christians of any denomination, Muslims or Jews. Anyone except for polytheistic pagans. Orthodox Christians should pray before an icon, holding a lit candle. Catholics should pray before a Crucifixion. Everyone else should pray as they usually do, in accordance with the traditions of their faith. All such things are mere external trappings. Having said that, prostration after every section, where so indicated, is mandatory for everybody

Does this prayer replace my traditional individual confession in church?

No, it doesn't. In their individual confessions, however, people concentrate on their own individual sins; the overarching sins of their nation as a whole are left aside, and if that continues for whole generations, the sins of a people can reach a critical mass. And what does all that lead to: catastrophes, wars and cataclysms.  This prayer is meant to fill that very need, to turn our attention to the greater sins of our people as a whole, in order to deal with them, to neutralize them.

It seems to me that there are things in the Prayer that neither I nor any of my ancestors had anything to do with. Can I read only those parts of the prayer I choose, leaving out the rest?

You don't have to read the entire prayer - in fact, nobody is forcing you to read this prayer at all. It's a decision we all have to make for ourselves. To avoid the chance that sins generally attributed to your people or nation reflect upon you, personally, however, it may be best to read the prayer in its entirety. As you do so, many things will become clear to you. You'll come to understand that there's nothing here that isn't absolutely necessary. Don't be afraid that you'll be assuming some sort of unnecessary responsibility. It's not as if you'll be defending yourself in court - you'll be reading the Prayer before God, who might punish you inadvertently. In fact, we can never really be fully sure that we have no connection with a given global, national sin - how much less certain can we be, then, where our relatives and our ancestors are concerned? The connection can as easily be indirect as direct. For instance, a person may never have fought in Iraq or Vietnam, yet he did pay taxes to the state, indirectly supporting those wars, helping to pay for them. Or perhaps he worked at a company that made something used in some way connected with the prosecution of those wars...

How many times should one read the Prayer?

It would be best to read it between three and seen times. Plan the readings for whenever is most convenient for you. You might read it every other day, for instance. Or every third day. When reading the Prayer by yourself, you don't have read the notes more than once - you'll already know the text. The repeated readings will therefore be much faster and easier than the first.

Is anything unusual or miraculous likely to happen to a person after reading the Prayer? Is one likely to have some kind of reaction?

Our experience with the Prayer of Penitence of the Russian People shows that it often brings a kind of "crisis of purification." That can happen right when one is reading the Prayer, or it may be several days later. A crisis of purification can take a number of forms: a rise in body temperature, crying jags, hysterical fits, rapid mood swings, indigestion and so forth.  This is a normal progression for purification and generally passes quickly. The purification process triggered by the Prayer may continue for hours or even days; it may alternately grow stronger and then subside. On the spiritual plane, along with this, dark essences stream out of you - all kinds of negative programming, fears and resentments. The family tree purifies itself just as actively - and we're talking now about dozens, even hundreds of souls.  The souls of the ancestors purify themselves with the same intensity; for many of them, it is their only chance at release from Hell.

Whenever the Prayer of National Penitence of the Russian People" is read, people witness wondrous portents in the sky, on icons, and, which is most important, in their own hearts and fates. God sends identical signs to various places: to Taininskoe, Kiev, Anadyr... People find themselves healed, even from incurable illnesses, and not only those participating in the Prayer themselves, but also their loved ones who were not even present. Family relationships suddenly become harmonious, husbands and children abandon any penchants for abuse of alcohol or drugs. Deceased relatives come in dreams, even those we never knew ourselves, to thank us and tell us that all is now well with them. And that should not come as a surprise, for repentance is one form of suffering undertaken on behalf of your race, for humanity is ultimately a single, unified entity.
Translated from the Greek, repentance literally means "to recover oneself." "Repentance makes everything right... if a people or a state is suffering, let everyone repent and God will set all to rights." (The Venerable Silouan the Athonite)

When, after laying vast regions to waste, Tamerlane came to Russia, the people devoutly repented. They fasted - they ate nothing at all. Even breast-feeding infants went hungry. The cattle wailed for hunger. Prayer services were held everywhere. A penitent people thronged the road to that had taken the Theotokos of Vladimir to Moscow, praying to the Mother of God for salvation. And She displayed Her might. Tamerlane had a dream in which the Mother of God came and warned him off; in terror, he fled her domain, before he had even begun the attack.

Is it possible to read a prayer directly from your computer screen?

This is not desirable. Better to print the text to put in the folder and read from there, as with books.



Gore Vidal is a novelist, playwright and essayist, one of the most prominent names in the American literary pantheon. In How We Came To Be So Hated, he wrote:

Although we regularly stigmatize other societies as rogue states, we ourselves have become the largest rogue state of all. We honor no treaties. We spurn international courts. We strike unilaterally wherever we choose.  We give orders to the United Nations but do not pay our dues.  We complain of terrorism, but our empire is now the greatest terrorist of all.  We bomb, invade, subvert other states.  Although We the People of the United States are the sole source of legitimate authority in this land, we are no longer represented in Congress Assembled. Our Congress has been hijacked by corporate America and its enforcer, the Imperial military machine. We the unrepresented People of the United States are as much victims of this militarized government as the Panamanians, Iraqis, or Somalians. We have allowed our institutions to be taken over in the name of a globalized American empire that is totally alien in concept to anything our founders had in mind. I suspect that it is far too late in the day for us to restore the republic that we lost a half-century ago.

J. William Fulbright:

We have created a society whose main occupation is violence. The most serious threat to our country is not an external force, but our internal militarism. A painful impression is created that we, in America, are clearly accustomed to wars. For many years now, we either by our own desire, or by others’ desire, fight or are ready to immediately start a war anywhere in the world. The war and the military have become an integral part of our everyday life and the violence – the most important product in our country.

St. John Chrysostom:

The Devil two evil: he draws us into sin and he holds us back from repentance. The great misfortune is not in that you have fallen, but in that, having fallen, you do not rise again; it is not in that you have sinned, but in that you persist in your sinful ways.



 Prayer Primary  

Hear us, I beseech you, o Creator of Heaven and Earth!

I call upon the heavenly angels

and all the divine energies and forces divine

that may assist me in my efforts to help

expunge my sins and those of my line.


I pray to heaven on my own behalf

and also that of all my ancestors and relatives

who perished with sins unrepented

or who are not yet ready for repentance.


On my own behalf and that of all my ancestors and relatives,

living and deceased, believers and unbelievers,

those who have repented or were ready to repent,

I send rays of Peace and Love to the whole of the planet Earth,

to every living thing upon the Earth,

in the waters and in the depths of the Earth.


With all my heart, with all my soul, 

I send to all forms of life upon the Earth

rays of Love, Joy , Light, Contentment,

Health, Peace, Serenity and Wisdom!


I ask forgiveness of the whole of the planet Earth

and the souls of every animal plant and fish,

the living and those already disembodied,

For every offense, oppression,

wound, for the rapacious extermination -

I beseech your gracious forgiveness!


For the pain, the wounds, the suffering,

the hunger, the suffering and the death,

of which I was the cause, or my relatives or ancestors -

I beseech your gracious forgiveness!

I beseech your gracious forgiveness!

I beseech your gracious forgiveness!


I ask the souls of all who suffered to absolve and neutralize

All the resentments and bitter memories they harbor towards me,

my ancestors and my relatives.


I beseech the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all his angels:

Come to my aid in this matter!

I beseech the archangels to wash all these wounded souls

in the streams of the Healing Divine Light!


I ask that the Divine Light

Unite anew the severed fragments of their souls,

and to find again all that have been lost and scattered!


I ask the Creator to suffuse their souls

With the Primal Divine Light

And the energies of Love, Joy , Light and Contentment.


And so let it be

Today and tomorrow,

Now and forevermore.



Author Mikhailov Elisha (C) helphealer.ru 2017

The Prayer of Penitence for the American People (download free book English version)

The Prayer of Penitence for the American People (download free book Russian​ version)


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